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What's New Due Dates for the month of August 2016      Important Amendments effective from 01.06.2016      Sebi relaxes restrictions on more than 200 entities      Barring five all petroleum items under GST regime      Miles to go before GST becomes a reality     

 Important Amendments effective from 01.06.2016

1. TCS @ 1% is collectible, if any amount is received in cash, for sale of Goods and services of value exceeding Rs. 2 lac.
2. KKC @ 0.50% is applicable on all taxable services, making total service tax rate @15%.
3. Income Disclosure Scheme opens from 01st June 2016 to 30th September 2016 with effective tax rate of 45%.


4. TCS @1% is made applicable on purchase of car valued at more than 10 lac and purchase of Jewellery more than Rs. 5 lac.
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